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Helical Gears and Drives for Demanding Applications

Avon Gear and Engineering custom manufactures a full line of helical gears and drives. We custom manufacture high quality gears for many industries, from small to large in a variety of materials and size ranges. Our quality control measures are unrivalled in the industry. Following AGMA specifications, Avon often exceeds these standards to accommodate the intricacies of high precision gears. No specification, no detail is too complex for Avon.

Avon works with a number of different materials including hardened steel, steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, copper, copper alloy, bronze, aluminum alloy, nylon and non-metallic (phenolic). Accurate gears require accurate gear blanks; for better control at this critical stage of gear manufacturing, Avon produces its own gear blanks.

Helical Gears have teeth which are set at an angle. Helical & Spur gears are very similar except that the teeth of a helical gear are cut at an angle to the axis or hole. These teeth typically engage more slowly and smoothly than spur and other types of gears used for similar applications, because the load is transferred uniformly and gradually. This results in superior performance and reduced noise and vibration. When used on parallel shafts, helical gears are similar to spur gears, but generally provide a stronger, smoother running gear train. When used on shafts at right angles, these helical gears are commonly known as spiral gears or crossed axis helical gears. Helical gears are made in both right and left hand configurations.

Avon’s size range and capabilities for Helical Gears:
Maximum Pitch Diameter / Max 20.0”
Diametral Pitch / From 3.0 – 48 degrees
Face Width / Max 13.0"
Cut Tooth / AGMA Q9