Avon Gear and Engineering Company

Avon Gear and Engineering achieves perfection consistently, applying state-of-art technology not just in the manufacturing process, but in the meticulous task of monitoring quality as well. Avon's team of professionals performs thorough inspections at every step of your gears' production: turning, gear cutting, and all other secondary operations. Highly advanced computer equipment enables Avon experts to calculate, measure, and scrutinize every detail required by customer specifications. Only Avon invests the dollar amounts necessary to maintain the highest standards available in quality control today.

Versatility and quality are key when it comes to secondary operations. At Avon, costly time-consuming outside operations are rarely necessary. This provides two benefits for you: first, Avon controls the quality of the gear product at every step, and second, we can produce these gears on a just-in-time schedule as specified. To accomplish this, we have hundreds of secondary operation machines at our disposal. From sophisticated machining centers to a standard drill press, we match your job to the proper machine for both economy and efficiency.

When plating or heat treating are necessary, we rely on the finest sources available. Because of our close working relationships, we know that these sources understand how to handle gears carefully. If you prefer, we are also happy to work with your approved sources.

Accurate gears also require accurate gear blanks. To control this critical stage of gear manufacturing Avon produces its own gear blanks. First, we design the blank to match your gear specifications; then our gear blanking department goes to work. It contains state-of-the-art CNC turning centers, automatic chucking machines, and automatic screw machines. Not just one machine but 50 different ones. We have just the right blanking machine for your job.