Quality Control

Quality Control and Inspection

Avon Gear and Engineering stands alone in its comprehensive commitment to quality control of every job that comes through the plant. Avon's team of professionals performs thorough inspections at every step of your gears' production.

Military and aircraft manufacturers rely on Avon to produce accurate gears for their complex equipment.

Only Avon invests the dollar amounts necessary to maintain the highest standards available in quality control today. This is evident in the high-tech inspection equipment used throughout the plant. Optical comparators, equipped with fibre optics and computerized digital readouts to verify dimensions, eliminate the risk of human error. Precision lead and involute checking equipment with charting capabilities insure accurate profiles.

Avon has the capability to certify the accuracy of its own gauges. No other company works so painstakingly to guarantee excellent gear products. Avon's complete quality control manual is approved by the military and by many aerospace firms. Following AGMA specifications, Avon often exceeds these standards to accomodate the intricacies of high precision gears.

No specification, no detail is too complex for Avon, and each gear we make is the finest anywhere.