Bevel Gears

Custom Bevel Gears

Avon Gear custom manufactures straight bevel gears that are designed to meet exacting specifications and tolerances. Our quality control measures are unrivalled in the industry. No specification, no detail is too complex for Avon. All of Avon's bevel gears are produced according to AGMA specifications and are engineered for smoother, quieter performance and large load capacities.

Bevel gears are designed to connect with a gear mounted on an axis at practically any angle; most other style gears generally are used either parallel to each other, or at right angles. In most cases a bevel gear is used at a 90 degree angle, although other angles may be used. Bevel gears are used in a number of industries and applications including automotive, aerospace and transportation. Our custom bevel gears can be used any place where efficient transmission of power & motion between intersecting shafts are needed. These gears are primarily sold as sets.

Bevel Gear Capabilities

We manufacture custom high quality bevel gears for many industries, from small to large, in a variety of materials and size ranges. Available materials for bevel gears include; steel, alloy steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, aluminum bronze, cast & ductile iron, stainless steel, phenolic, nylon/polymer & tool steel. Avon Gear has also been manufacturing our own gear blanks in Illinois for years. Our custom bevel gears are available in a variety of diametric pitches & pressure angles and in both Standard & Metric dimensions.

Size Range for Bevel Gears:

Maximum Pitch Diameter / 4.000"
Diametral Pitch / From 10 to 120 pitch
Face Width / .750"