Ratchet Gears

Custom Gear Ratchets

Avon Gear and Engineering custom manufactures gear ratchets in a variety of pitch sizes and tooth configurations. Ratchets ensure that motion occurs in only one direction. Ratchets work best when the motion requirement is intermittent.

custom ratchet gears

Avon specializes in close tolerance work. We offer standard & metric sizes and our materials include: Steel, tool steel, heat treated steel, brass, bronze, copper, cast iron & plastic. Capabilities include gear cutting, turning, broaching, milling, thread grinding & milling, surface grinding, drilling & worm grinding. Avon Gear & Engineering uses state-of-the-art technology, not only in the manufacturing process but in monitoring quality as well. All of Avon's gears are produced according to AGMA specifications. Our engineers know that the end result is only as good as the blank they start with, so we machine our own blanks to maintain the highest quality standards.