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Custom Made Gears Manufacturer

Avon Gear is capable of producing practically any gear type, in most materials and sizes. From conventional to unconventional, common to unique, simple to complex, Avon Gear is your source for quality high precision gears that are custom cut to your specifications. We can manufacture custom worms, splines, sprockets and more.

Avon Gear and Engineering Company achieves perfection consistently, applying state-of-the-art technology not only in the manufacturing process but in the meticulous task of monitoring quality as well. Avon's team of professionals performs thorough inspections at every step of a gear's production -- turning, gear cutting, and all other secondary operations. Highly advanced computer equipment enables Avon experts to calculate, measure, and scrutinize every detail required by customer specifications. Only Avon invests the dollar amounts necessary to maintain the highest standards available in quality control today.