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Custom Splines and Gears

Avon Gear and Engineering custom manufactures precision internal and external splines in a variety of materials and size ranges. A spline is a series of teeth (splines) on a drive shaft that mesh with grooves in a mating gear. The surfaces of the two, the spline & the meshed gear, allow smooth transfer of force along a straight line of contact.

We take pride in our quality control measures & often exceed AMGA standards to accommodate the intricacies of high precision splines & gears. Our engineering staff will design custom tooling to provide the required custom spline shaft, gear and shape, engineered to tight tolerances & specifications. Our staff will also help with analysis of new designs & improvements on existing designs.

We offer standard & metric sizes, and our materials include: steel, tool steel, heat treated steel, brass, bronze, copper, cast iron, fiber & plastic. We have experience with tapered spline shafts, high precision blind internal splines, involute and straight sided splines in a wide range of custom applications.

Internal Splines are made primarily using the gear shaping process but can be broached as well.